A log home corner

Below are a few examples of our work. We povide a wide variety of services and use quality materials to provide you with a comfortable home that will last a lifetime.

Staining and Sealing

Stain/sealer is your logs protection from the elements. Without stain your logs exterior will turn gray and the surface of the logs will be damaged by UV light. Keeping a good coat of stain/sealer on your logs will keep them looking good for many years to come.

Interior trim & railings

All types of wood interior trim is available for log homes that set them apart from regular houses. Wood ceilings and walls look great and exude a warm and cozy feeling found in mountain hideaways. You get to have that feeling everyday.

Vaulted ceilings are awesome

Vaulted ceilings and large windows are trademark features in most log homes. They add a style and look that you don't get in traditional homes. They really work in a log home.